Much of our everyday lives is spent presenting . Whether you’re leading a meeting, attending a client meeting where the goal is to sell a service, or you are in a client meeting where you will present a solution or simply to present an idea you’re passionate about in front of a colleague; you are dealing with presentation and persuasion skills and techniques. It is about winning people’s confidence and trust in your message.

Principle of ” practice makes perfect ” applies here but in addition to practice , we must know what we are going to practice , why and how.

Our approach towards presentation-skills-training is to lay the foundation for a great experience that our first focus. It’s about making you confident in front of a crowd or a person where the technique varies regarding who you are facing . In addition to the focus – you will get knowledge about other factors as mentioned below. Last but not least, a presentation training with us is casual and fun !


Get enough insight to create compelling presentations !


  • How to create attention and interest!
  • Start – content and landing ; Structure of the presentation through 5 phases
  • 4 preparations ; Customer relationships , physical , technical and mental
  • The use of humor and enthusiasm in the presentation
  • Body language , voice , tone ring , movement , engagement and gaze
  • The highway to the brain’s memory center ; Visual Aids
  • Effective methods and creativity in presentation
  • About interacting with a group , challenge of good and bad attendees !
  • Mental preparation. Tackling the ” stage fear” . Positive mental programming.

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