Research shows that salespeople will never reach their performance potential without a well-defined sales-call procedure that they can follow and learn from. “Winging it” on sales calls has grim consequences – lost sales, extended sell cycles, margin erosion and no clear path to improvement. Bottom line: Your entire sales career can be mediocre if you “wing it.”

Performance improves by as much as 50% when salespeople have a consistent game plan for their sales calls.

Most salespeople make the same mistakes over and over without realizing it. Without a logical sales call plan to follow, they can’t even identify specific problems, let alone correct them. A good sales process mirrors the pattern by which customers make buying decisions.The nine acts of ResultaPartner break a sales call into its most important components, sequenced in the order of the five key buying decisions every customer makes. By analyzing each segment of a call and testing against the customer’s buying decisions, salespeople can quickly recognize problems and adjust their behavior accordingly.

Without a system like ResultatPartner and Improve Systems (Performance Management and Training Systems), the only thing salespeople can look at is whether they won or lost the sale. If you don’t know what went wrong or why, you can’t improve your performance.

In The Field

A leading Auto Dealer faced a common problem. Their “Floor-Traffic” has declined 60% due to “new ways of customers buyings through the Internet” causing reduced sales and customer loyalty. Salespeople within this industry had for long been too spoiled of customer “dropping by” so in order to reach their sales-quota they needed to become more proactive in sales. First step was to focus on Prospecting towards old customers in order to get repeat-sales. We kick-off the Sales Competition in May 2016 and during the 2 hour Kickoff; some 30 salespeople booked near to 400 meetings!

Within only three months the CEO and Sales Director of the Dealerships reported business grew by 20%. In addition, he said, “My sales team’s professionalism and sense of confidence increased as a direct result of the Prospecting Selling program. Having a clear understanding of the selling strengths and weaknesses of each sales team member has made sales management both focused and effective for the first time.”

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