Effective solutions

At ResultatPartner we have for a decade delivered effective and simple methods that ensure a measurable development process both in terms of performance and results. Knowledge and experience through 25 years gives us valuable insight into what works – and not.

Focus on custom solutions

Our customized solutions is about to define clear goals and visions, and based on this, we develop and customize relevant training programs that are tracked through our Improve Systems.

Continuous improvement

Knowledge costs but the lack of knowledge costs more-unfortunately. Knowledge and skills could soon be out-of-date if it is not maintained.


Why choose ResultatPartner?

25-year trust from our customers!

Since 1991, we have implemented processes with more than 300 businesses and 20,000 participants from sales, management, service departments. In close cooperation with our customers we have created great results of importance to participant, for the team, for the Department, for the Organization, Business-owners and for the customers. 

Custom solutions

We get very good feedback on our ability to understand the customer’s business and challenges related to the market, their own Organization or other conditions. Based on the great methods we quickly get insight into the situation and developing relevant programs appropriate for this. When programs are relevant, credible and effective as this is one of the key to that process works in it daily.

We ensure in the implementation phase

4 years in a row; the  CEO biggest challenge is STRATEGY EXECUTION. Abilty to get true commitments is all about leadership, shared visions and values. No methods on earth is likely to succeed on its own. Its about collaboration, motivation, teamwork, performance management, feedback, coaching, followup and training.

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